Performance Improvement 1996. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Project Title

Date of
Evaluation of the CDC Injury Grant Program 11/95 166
Assessing the Cost Effectiveness and Cost Benefit of CDC Funded Smoke Detector Programs 12/95 5351
Evaluation of CDC WONDER/PC Public Health Decisionmaking 3/96 5505
Georgia State Clinic Assessments of Immunization Coverage: Impact of Management and Clinic Immunization Practices 3/96 354
Case Study Evaluation of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation's Community Health Promotion Grants Program 4/96 4109.1
Consent for Adolescent Immunizations: Issues and Current Practices 6/96 5933
Evaluation of the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) Prevention and Control Program at the San Juan Laboratories, Puerto Rico 6/96 355
Participation in the 1993-94 National Health Interview Survey on Disability 6/96 4532
Evaluation of ICD 10 for Morbidity Reporting Purposes in the United States 7/96 5503
Assessment of the Programmatic Impact of 1% Evaluation Studies, 1990- 95 9/96 5924
Determining the Effectiveness of the Prevention Centers Program 9/96 5919
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of CDC Surveillance for Drug-Resistant Pneumococcal Infections 9/96 5501
Evaluation of the Medical Certification Process for Death Certificates 9/96 4230
Evaluation of Tuberculosis Outreach Worker Activities 9/96 5502
Community Context Study of Minors' Access to Tobacco Products 10/96 5921
Assessment of the Effectiveness of the National Laboratory Training Network 12/96 5507
Assessment of the Public Health Impact of the NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Program 12/96 5922
Evaluation of Suicide Prevention Interventions in Four Native American Communities 12/96 5504
Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention in the U.S. 12/96 5348
Assessment of Violence Prevention Technical Assistance Efforts for State and Local Health Departments 1/98 5929
Development of a Public Health Surveillance Plan to Evaluate CDC Activities in the Atlanta Empowerment Zone 12/99 5925
Evaluation of the Data for Decisionmaking Project in Bolivia 12/99 5926
Evaluation of the Field Epidemiology Training Program 12/99 5923
Evaluation of the Fiscal and Programmatic Impact of HIV Prevention Community Planning 12/99 5927
Evaluation of Racial and Ethnic Identification Data 12/99 5918
Identification of Early Warning Signs and Protective Factors in Intimate Violence Prevention 12/99 5931
Immunization Related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Primary Health Care Providers in the U.S. 12/99 5930
Implementing GPRA at CDC 12/99 5928
Steps to Successful Implementation of Youth Violence Prevention Programs 12/99 5920
Summarizing Educational Outcomes of School Health Interventions 12/99 5932