Performance Improvement 1996. Administration for Children and Families


Project Title

Date of
Social and Educational Development of Tribal-Based Communities for the Sonoran and Negev Deserts 12/95 5978
Women and Infant Nurturing Services (WINGS) 12/95 979
Transfer of International Innovations--Development of a Clinical Monitoring System To Support Foster Care in Michigan 2/96 5976
Descriptive Study of Head Start Bilingual/Multicultural Program Services 3/96 5845
Evaluation of Child Support Guidelines 3/96 5983
Evaluation of Nine Model Comprehensive Community-Based Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Programs 3/96 5851
Responsible Fatherhood: Theoretical and Empirical Foundations for Policy and Program Development 5/96 5981
Evaluation of Child Access Demonstration Projects 6/96 972
National Study of Protective, Preventive, and Reunification Services Delivered to Children and Their Families 7/96 3874
Evaluation of the Comprehensive Child Development Programs 9/96 3868
Evaluation of Head Start Family Child Care Homes 9/96 975
National Study of Outcomes for Children Placed in Foster Care With Relatives 9/96 5846
Identification and Prevention of Intergenerational AFDC Dependency: Promoting Long-Term Child Welfare 10/96 4385
Home Visiting Services Demonstration 4/98 5980
Post-Employment Services Demonstration 4/98 5974
Evaluation of the Head Start/Public School Early Childhood Transition Demonstration 6/98 4393
Family Preservation and Family Support Services (FP/FS) Implementation Study 6/99 5975
New Hope Project 9/99 5982