Participant-Directed Services in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs: A Five State Comparison. Appendix B. Participant-directed Managed Long-term Services and Supports Program Tables


TABLE B1. State PD-MLTSS Program Overview
State Program Name
(start date)
Federal Authority Current MCOs Target Population PD-MLTSS Model Participant-Directed Services NPA Amended for PD-MLTSS Estimated Number Self-Directing Estimated Take-Up Rate Catchment
Arizona Arizona Long-Term Care System
§1115 Mercy Care Plan, Bridgeway, & Evercare Select Disabled & Elderly Employer Attendant care, homemaker, general supervision, limited skill care Yes 200 1.2% Statewide
Massachusetts   Senior Care Options
§1915(a)/(c) CCA, NaviCare, United HealthCare & Senior Whole Health Elders Employer Personal care assistance Yes 4,582 22% Statewide
New Mexico Centennial Care
§1115 MCOs Pending Readiness Review Disabled & Elderly, Brain Injury, HIV/AIDS Employer & Budget Homemaker, personal care services No 800 24% Statewide
Tennessee TennCare/ CHOICES
§1115 United HealthCare, AmeriGroup & Volunteer State Health Plan Disabled & Elderly Employer & Budget Personal care, attendant care, in-home respite & companion services Yes 1,020 8.9% Statewide
Texas Texas STAR +PLUS
§1115 AmeriGroup, Molina, Superior HealthPlan (Centene), United HealthCare & HealthSpring Children, Disabled, & Elderly Employer & Budget Personal assistance, primary home care, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, & respite Yes 3,040 2.5% Currently in urban areas & surrounding counties. Becoming statewide in 2014.

TABLE B2. State Requirements for PD-MLTSS
State MCO Required to Offer PD-MLTSS MCO Required to Use PCP Requires PD-MLTSS Enrollment Targets Requires Member Training Requires Worker Training Requires Back-Up Plan Requires FMS Specific Reporting Requirements for PD-MLTSS
Arizona Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No
Massachusetts   No No No No No Yes Yes No
New Mexico Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Tennessee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Texas Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes

TABLE B3. PD-MLTSS Quality Monitoring
State Specific Quality Performance Indicators for PD-MLTSS Specific PD-MLTSS Quality Service Monitoring Structured Member Input to State Structured Member Input to MCO Satisfaction Surveys Include Specific PD-MLTSS Questions Member Advisory Councils
Arizona No No Yes Yes No Yes
Massachusetts   No Yes Yes Yes No NA
New Mexico No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Tennessee Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Texas No No Yes Yes No Yes

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