An Overview of Programs and Initiatives Sponsored by DHHS to Promote Healthy Aging: A Background Paper for the Blueprint on Aging for the 21st Century Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Meeting. NEXT STEPS FOR THE HEALTH PROMOTION AND AGING PROJECT


Following this meeting, RTI will commission a series of expert papers, as recommended by the TAG, to help shape the discussion and structure the topics chosen by the TAG for several TEP meetings. Following the TEP meetings, RTI will write a monograph that summarizes the information obtained from this TAG meeting, as well as the TEP expert panels, and lay out and prioritize a series of suggestions for possible future activities related to health promotion and disease prevention for older adults in the future.

The anticipated outcomes of this project are to

  1. describe health promotion, disease prevention, and health education activities aimed at older persons, highlighting the range of these activities throughout DHHS;

  2. identify gaps in research, evaluation, and health promotion/disease prevention activities that need to be addressed to enhance health promotion and disease prevention programs for older persons; and

  3. develop suggested approaches DHHS can consider to deliver a coordinated, effective, science-based active aging message.

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