Overview of the Final Report of the Seattle-Denver Income Maintenance Experiment. Introduction


The major SIME/DIME results are presented under three headings.  First, the effects of the experiment on work effort or labor supply are presented.  The primary focus is the effect of eligibility for a negative income tax plan, but the analysis sample used to obtain these findings includes all families enrolled in the experiments, including those families enrolled only in the counseling/training subsidy treatment.  Second, the effects on hours worked and earnings of the counseling/training subsidy treatment are discussed specifically.  Third, the effects of the experimental treatments on "marital stability" are described.  Recall that marital stability is not used in the literal sense here since couples were not required to be legally married.

For the marital stability research, the analysis sample included those who were eligible for the negative income tax and counseling/training subsidy treatments alone plus those who were eligible for both, as well as those eligible for neither — the control group.  Many other types of behavioral response to the experimental treatments have also been analyzed and are discussed in the Final Report. Tables of Contents for Volume I (the research findings) and Volume II (the administration of the experiment) are included at the end of this overview as a guide for readers wishing to pursue issues not covered here.

In all cases, unless otherwise noted, the results presented in this overview are experimental-control differences, adjusted by statistical methods to control for the variation in sample characteristics across treatment combinations.