Overview and Inventory of HHS Efforts to Assist Incarcerated and Reentering Individuals and their Families . National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program — State Program Outreach to Incarcerated Females — Pennsylvania


Type of Activity: Outreach

Funding Mechanism: Project grantee-initiated special focus

Total Available Funding: Part of grantee activities to administer the overall Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (BCCEDP). Grantees are required to spend 60% of awarded funds on providing breast and cervical cancer screening services to eligible low-income, uninsured, and underinsured women. Remaining awarded funds are for patient navigation, administration, evaluation, and other activities, including outreach activities to increase breast and cervical cancer screening rates and target vulnerable populations. Grantees are encouraged to develop and conduct outreach activities, such as this one, that meet the specific needs of their community and populations.

Number of Awards: This is an outreach project that one particular state grantee has decided to undertake as part of the larger BCCEDP work

Award Amount: This project is part of overall Pennsylvania BCCEDP work, which includes outreach activities. In FY 2009, Pennsylvania’s BCCEDP was awarded $2.4 million to conduct screening, outreach, etc. As described above, 60% of awarded funds must be spent on screening services. Remaining funds may be used for additional activities to support program goals, including outreach. This outreach activity will likely have relatively low costs, as costs will incur from the administration of the program, materials, etc. It is nearly impossible to calculate the specific amount of awarded funds that will be spent on this particular outreach activity, and that amount is likely a small percentage of the total $2.4 million awarded.

Length of Project Period: Pennsylvania’s BCCEDP is beginning this outreach program this year (summer 2010)

Federal Partners: CDC

Summary: This is a grantee-generated outreach activity. The Pennsylvania BCCEDP is planning an outreach activity targeting female state prisoners on pre-release status and female state parolees in community corrections centers. The Program will conduct this outreach by mailing outreach cards encouraging women to get breast and cervical cancer screening to every prison and community correction center facility. Most of these women may not be eligible for Medicaid.

Background: As noted above, Pennsylvania BCCEDP grantees are just beginning this outreach activity and are in the planning stages of conducting outreach for this population.

Examples of current grantees: Pennsylvania Department of Health

Evaluation Activities: Grantees are in the planning stage of this activity and have not yet evaluated the activity.

Future Prospects: N/A


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