Overview and Inventory of HHS Efforts to Assist Incarcerated and Reentering Individuals and their Families . Health Care for Individuals Incarcerated in Bureau of Indian Affairs Jails


Type of Activity: Direct and contract health care is provided for individuals incarcerated in Bureau of Indian Affairs jails, most of which (62 of 78 jails) are managed by Tribes under P.L. 93-638 compacts or contracts.

Funding Mechanism: Included in the local IHS or Tribal health budget. Bureau of Indian Affairs has no health authority or budget.

Total Available Funding: Small, but unknown

Number of Awards: N/A

Award Amount: N/A

Length of Project Period: N/A

Federal Partners: Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Summary: The IHS and Tribes provide intermittent direct health care services (medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse, etc) to individuals incarcerated in BIA/Tribal jails (total average daily inmate population for all 78 jails is 2,100). IHS/Tribes may also pay for health care services provided by the private sector through Contract Health Services (CHS) funding if the inmate is CHS eligible and if the care falls within the local medical priorities for care.

Background: Since the Bureau of Indian Affairs has no health authority or funding, all health care for incarcerated individuals may be referred to the IHS or Tribal Health facility and served subject to eligibility and medical priority for either direct or contract care. There is no separate funding for these activities. Inmates have a very high incidence of substance abuse as well as HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Health care may be provided on-site or at a local IHS/Tribal or private sector health facilities.

Examples of current grantees: N/A

Location(s) of Projects: See above.

Evaluation Activities: N/A

Future Prospects: Unknown


Mose A. Herne, M.P.H., M.S.
Division of Behavioral Health 
Phone: (301) 443-0104
E-mail: Mose.Herne@ihs.gov

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