Overlapping Eligibility and Enrollment: Human Services and Health Programs Under the Affordable Care Act. Data year and population


The tabulations use the spring 2011 CPS-ASEC file, with demographic data as of the month of the survey and income data for CY 2010. The data were not “aged” in any way to capture changes in demographics, employment/unemployment, or income since 2010. In particular, note that because the modeling uses 2010 as the base year, it does not reflect growth in the number of recipients receiving SNAP benefits between 2010 and 2013, and so the estimates of overlap between SNAP recipients and other programs are conservative. The exception is the imputation of whether a worker has an offer of affordable insurance, which is based on estimates of what employers will offer post-ACA. However, estimated post-ACA offer rates do not differ radically from pre-ACA offer rates. Persons 65 and older as well as non-citizens imputed to be undocumented were excluded from the tabulations. Medicare recipients with disabilities are excluded from certain figures and tables, as indicated in the figure and table notes.

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