Overlapping Eligibility and Enrollment: Human Services and Health Programs Under the Affordable Care Act. Appendix V: Experts Consulted


Work on this report was made possible by the invaluable feedback provided by experts listed below. However, the views expressed in this report are solely those of the authors and may not reflect the views of the experts listed below or their affiliated organizations. The authors would like to thank the following people, including members of our Technical Working Group and others, for their input at various stages in the process, in addition to our project officers, Alana Landey and Carli Wulff in ASPE’s Office of Human Services Policy.

Technical Working Group

Federal Officials


Susan Golonka, ACF/OFA

Vicki Turetsky (along with Jennifer Burnszynski), ACF/OCSE
Mark Fucello, ACF/OPRE
Rochelle Rollins, advisor to the Chief Medical Officer, ACF
Jeannie Chaffin, ACF/OCS
Suma Nair, HRSA/Bureau of Primary Care
Ben O’Dell and Lisa Carr, Center for Partnerships
Gregorio Hunt, OIEA
Elizabeth Hadley and Christie Peters, ASPE/Office of Health Policy
Donna Cohen Ross, CMS/CMCS


Kathryn Law, Office of Policy Support


Craig Streett, Office of Income Security Programs

State Officials


Ruth Kennedy, Medicaid director

Nongovernmental Members

Anita Light and Megan Lape, American Public Human Services Association

Catherine Hess, National Academy for State Health Policy
Helen Neuborne, Ford Foundation
Andy Hyman, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Elisabeth Mason, SingleStop USA (representing the Coalition for Access and Opportunity)
Krista Drobak (health) and Meghan Wills (human services), National Governors Association
Rachel Klein, Enroll America
Steve Taylor, United Way
Other Experts
Gina Adams, Urban Institute
Robert Adams, HHS/CMS/Office of Communications
Lauren Christopher, HHS/ACF
Stacy Dean, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Lisa Dubay, Urban Institute
Linda Giannarelli, Urban Institute
Olivia Golden, Urban Institute
Heather Hahn, Urban Institute
Jesse Jannetta, Urban Institute
Kay Joslin, the National Center for Appropriate Technology
Alicia Kone
Pamela Loprest, Urban Institute
Elaine Maag, Urban Institute
Barbara Ormand, Urban Institute
Claudia Page, Social Interest Solutions
Lynne Page Snyder, Housing Health L.L.C.
Elizabeth Peters, Urban Institute
Susan Popkin, Urban Institute
Andrew Stettner, Single Stop USA
John Wancheck, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Stephen Wandner, Urban Institute
Matt Winters, Single Stop USA
Sheila Zedlewski, Urban Institute


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