Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Westchester Community Opportunity Program




The Westchester Community Opportunity program (WCOP) in suburban New York operates a full-day Head Start program for over 800 children. Head Start children share classrooms with non-Head Start children; and comprehensive services are provided to all children, following Head Start Performance Standards throughout the day. Funding for full-day services is provided by a variety of sources, including Federal, state, and local ones. WCOP has developed strong ties with other local agencies that provide services to poor children. These groups share a common goal of providing services to all children in need and view Head Start as the "infrastructure" for providing services.

  • Auspices: Community action agency
  • Area served: Suburban
  • Head Start funded enrollment: 1,970
  • Head Start full-day enrollment:828
  • Full-day care providers: Grantee and delegate agencies
  • Non-Head Start funding sources: SSBG (Title XX); CCDBG; AFDC/JOBS; McKinney funds; HUD grant; United Way, parent fees, etc.