Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Summary


The Tulare Head Start director is pleased that multiple funding streams have allowed her to serve so many children in a program that follows the Head Start Program Performance Standards for the full-day. Her collocated cost allocation formula also allows her to administer the program's funds with relative ease. In the face of increasing demands for full-day care in her community, however, she would like to be able to serve greater numbers of children, including infants and toddlers, for whom there are few programs available. The Head Start regional program specialist for the Tulare program also was concerned about the lack of training provided to grantees regarding full- day services. Instead of training and support, he noted, the prevailing attitude for many years was that full-day service was almost prohibited. Instead of asking how programs like Tulare Head Start "get away with it," he said, Head Start should make a concerted effort to use these veteran full-day providers as models for other grantees.