Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Summary


In summary, the Head Start director is pleased that the WKUCCC program can provide full-day service that is responsive to parents' needs, although finding wraparound funding that will help low-income parents to pay for additional hours of care is a continuing struggle. The use of sliding scale fees raises troubling policy issues for her, even though without them she would not be able to follow the Head Start Performance Standards throughout the day.

She also feels strongly that current fiscal regulations regarding cost allocation procedures for wraparound programs impede full-day service. However, as an "entrepreneurial" director, she is willing to live with regulatory ambiguity in order to provide the hours of service that her Head Start families need. Her other challenges involve staff scheduling (for classroom coverage, training time, and home visits) and provision of a viable parent involvement program that is amenable to full-time working or student parents.