Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Structure of the Full-Day Program


WCOP provides two different scheduling options for full-day services. Working parents are offered 10 hours of care a day, while parents in school or job training are offered 8 hours of care. Eight hours of care also are provided to homeless children and children in the care of the Child Protective Services. The exact hours when care begins and ends varies across centers. The vast majority of full-day classes operate year round, closing only for 12 Federal holidays. Of the 828 Head Start children in full-day care, almost 90 percent (736 children) have care year round.

There is a waiting list for full-day services, the longest being for infant and toddler care. Priority for full-day slots is determined by a variety of criteria. If the mother is in substance abuse treatment, if the family is homeless, or if the mother is working or in training, full-day services are provided. Priority is assigned according to special needs, low-income status, and then on a first come – first served basis. The Head Start director would like to provide more full-day services, but finding space for appropriate facilities is a major obstacle.