Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Program Staffing


Each class has a lead teacher, funded by Head Start, a teacher, and an assistant. The position of lead teacher pays an annual salary of $30,000, and requires certification in early childhood education. Head Start provides additional staffing support as follows: for every 5 classes, a social services liaison (there are a total of 10 social service liaisons); for every 6 classes, 1 lead early childhood curriculum supervisor (for a total of 8 early childhood supervisors); 1 health coordinator for every 7 classes; and 1 parent involvement coordinator for every 7 classes.

Education staff in full-day classes take advantage of naptime for planning and for training. Home visits are conducted in the evening and on Saturdays, for which staff members may be given compensatory time off. In exceptional cases (e.g., the home setting is not conducive to a visit), a "home visit" may be held at the Family Service Center or the child care center.