Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Parent Involvement


As many of the parents work or are in training during the day, volunteering in the classroom poses problems. To accommodate the schedule of parents who are working or in training, many parent activities take place in the evenings. In addition, whenever parents' work or training overlaps with Head Start functions, parents are encouraged to use their skills in the Head Start environment. For instance, if a parent is receiving training related to food service preparation, he or she is encouraged to volunteer at the center kitchen.

Full-day parents are well represented on the Head Start Policy Council. Just as the classrooms have both Head Start and non-Head Start children, the Policy Council has Head Start and non-Head Start parents: The role of the non-Head Start parents on the policy council is the same as the role of the Head Start parents: They participate equally in all activities, including the hiring of staff.