Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Parent Fees


No parent fees are charged directly. However, Job Corps funds a part of the program by ensuring that all Job Corps parents are eligible for ADC and enrolled in Promise Jobs, the state work-welfare program. When a parent applies for Job Corps, he or she also must go through the paperwork of a state recruitment agency, ADC, and Promise Jobs.

Once accepted, the parent receives a monthly check, a part of which must be paid to Job Corps for the additional cost of his or her apartment as well as child care. (Most Job Corps students are housed three or four to a room; solo parents have a room for themselves and their child(ren), a bathroom, and a kitchen shared with one other parent and child. The housing cost for the solo parent, therefore, is considerably higher than a single student's cost.)

A Job Corps fiscal officer meets with staff from each of the three state agencies at least once a month to address issues, and she spends a great deal of time getting students caught up on their payments. However, even with these payments, Job Corps must contribute an equal amount to fund the infant and toddler care. Ergo, Job Corps would greatly appreciate a national collaboration across Head Start and Job Corps to arrange for child care payments that are not only mutually acceptable, but bypass the multitude of state agencies currently involved.