Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Issues of Collaboration


For grantees using wrap-in or connected care, ensuring a high quality of care from contracted providers was at issue. For the wrap-in programs, all providers follow the Head Start Performance Standards throughout the day, and issues of quality, for the most part, are related to bringing new sites into compliance with the standards (new sites often need time to upgrade facilities and train staff). For the one connected care provider, where Head Start Performance Standards are not followed by contracted providers, the quality of these contracted programs is a major concern.

Finally, all grantees indicated an urgent need to fund additional full-day services for infants and toddlers. As more mothers seek employment, having the option of serving the younger siblings of Head Start children in the same facility is a necessity. This coupled with the multiple risks faced by many very young children points to the urgent need for earlier intervention.