Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Grantee Description


The Western Kentucky University Child Care Consortium (WKUCCC) Head Start program serves a total of 22 counties in Western Kentucky through one grantee and two delegate agencies (each of which are grantee agencies in their own right). The object of the site visit was the WKUCCC grantee in Bowling Green — a program serving 51 Head Start children, 34 of whom receive full-day service. Full-day service also is provided to approximately 20 of the 41 Head Start children at the Audubon Area Community Services, Inc., a delegate agency in a center- based program. The other delegate agency does not offer full-day services to its 60 Head Start children.

In January 1995, thanks to a $120,000 Head Start expansion grant and a $150,000 HUD-Head Start Partnership grant for facility renovation, a new delegate agency will open in a local Bowling Green housing project. This delegate plans to offer full-day service for approximately 34 Head Start children.

Since 1984, the WKUCCC grantee has served a primarily university-affiliated Head Start population of what the director describes as the "voluntary poor" (students with children) and the "working poor" (university maintenance, buildings and grounds, and kitchen staff).9 In addition to its 51 Head Start children, the program serves 69 non-Head Start children from birth through school age, 52 of whom receive full-day service in the same center as the Head Start children. Those non-Head Start children who are preschool-age are commingled in the same classrooms as the Head Start children. Some of the non-Head Start children also are from low-income families who receive funding from Federal sources other than Head Start; some are children of university professors or other local professionals who pay full fees for the program.