Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Funding Sources


Each year, the NRCA Head Start program applies to the Virginia Council on Child Day Care and Early Childhood Programs for its CCDBG funds. In September of 1994, the program was awarded just over $112,000 to purchase 40 off-site child care slots for the period from October 1, 1994 through September 30, 1995.22

On a monthly basis, Head Start is reimbursed by the Virginia Council for the cost of its child care contracts. The program's fiscal administrator reports its child care costs on the 10th of each month and receives reimbursement on the 20th.

Any part of the CCDBG funding that is not used to purchase child care services must be returned to the Virginia Council at the end of the year. If the program needs to purchase more child care slots than anticipated in the grant application, the director can, during the year, request additional funding from the Virginia Council. However, additional funding only becomes available if the state has not already disbursed its entire CCDBG allotment to other Head Start programs.