Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Funding Sources


WCOP receives funding from many sources. In addition to Head Start funds, these include SSBG (Title XX), CCDBG, JOBS, Teen Pregnancy, State Grants, BOCES, McKinney funds, HUD demonstration grant, United Way, Community Development Grants, and USDA reimbursements. Income-contingent parent fees also are collected, as required by funding sources other than Head Start. This year, WCOP received quality improvement funds from Head Start, which were used in several ways: to pay for a contracts coordinator, to upgrade mental health services, and to increase staff salaries.

In addition, WCOP receives in-kind donations from the community, including space, playground equipment, and durable goods (e.g., clothing, furniture). The "downside" of this is keeping track of the in-kind donations (as Head Start requires), which means a large paperwork burden for the grantee.