Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Funding Issues


Differences in eligibility requirements and inconsistencies in interpretation of program rules result in uncertain funding situations and threats to the continuity of services for children. Transitions associated with parents losing child care funding are a particular concern. For example, a parent may be told she is eligible for JOBS child care, enroll her child in Head Start, and then find that she was not placed in the training class she signed up for. She is then no longer eligible for the child care subsidy. Generally, in such a case, Head Start will provide funding until the next quarter.

Another barrier occurs because of the JOBS regulation that training requests must be initiated by the JOBS case worker in order for the parent to qualify for the child care subsidy. This works against parents who take the initiative to find a training program. This issue is especially troublesome, of course, for the case managers at the transitional housing programs who are trying to promote self-sufficiency and responsibility.

Timing of enrollment also is a problem with the child care subsidies. Head Start wants to enroll families in July, but parents don't learn about funding until September.