Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Funding Issues


Contract with Child Care Resources, Inc. Key fiscal issues are negotiated by the Head Start director and the Child Care Resources director. They have, for example, negotiated rate increases as funds are made available by Head Start and additional enhancement services are offered. Under the FY 93 contract, Child Care Resources is reimbursed at a daily rate of $13 per day per child; it then reimburses the individual centers. In addition to the daily rate, the Head Start/PreK grant (a) purchases materials for the programs just as it does for its other sites, (b) provides lead teachers for the classrooms, and (c) pays for health, social services, and parent involvement staff. This adjusts Head Start's cost to about $20 per day per child (or $3,600 per child per year).

The policy for absent days is the same in contracted care and in the school-based centers: the center or home is paid as long as the child is enrolled. There is follow-up after a child is absent for three days; and should a child be dropped from the program, he or she is replaced by someone from the waiting list.

Child Care Resources receives Federal, state, and United Way funds for the operation of its agency. Unlike Head Start, the state child care subsidy is paid on the basis of daily attendance. Cash flow is a significant problem for subsidized child care providers. They report their numbers to the state in June, but are not reimbursed until August, by which time their numbers are higher, so they are even further behind. The state is working at allowing child care providers to estimate enrollment and receive pay in advance.

Salaries. Head Start lead teachers placed in contracted centers are paid on the School Board salary schedule for career service employees and are given a supplement for their CDA. Non- Head Start teachers are awarded a supplement through the contract, when they achieve CDA certification; and center directors try to use the resources obtained through the collaboration to provide comparable salaries to their employees.