Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Family Child Care for Homeless Families


Family child care for homeless families follows the same basic model as the family child care described above, with the addition of case management services for families — a responsibility of a caseworker at the transitional housing site, augmented by Head Start's homeless services coordinator. Families in this program typically move from emergency shelters into transitional housing. In the process, each parent commits to work with a caseworker to establish goals and to move toward self-sufficiency. Head Start staff work closely with these caseworkers.

Four transitional housing sites are currently participating, but it took some time to involve all of the sites. One reason for the delay was the lack of transportation for families from the transitional housing sites to the family child care homes. Puget Sound purchased a bus under the homeless grant, which enabled more transitional housing sites to participate. Five family day care providers are now serving these families, and Puget Sound plans on recruiting another five providers during the next year. Some family day care providers who were already providing Head Start services also have agreed to participate in the homeless demonstration project.