Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Daily Schedule and Program Features


All of the children in full-day care are in center-based programs, where they remain in the same classroom and with the same staff all day. Head Start Performance Standards are followed throughout the day; and all classes serve both Head Start and non-Head Start children, all of whom, regardless of Head Start enrollment, receive comprehensive services.

WCOP owns one facility and rents space or has space donated for all of its other classrooms. When Head Start rents space in other child care centers, WCOP furnishes the staff to run the program. Thus, all of the teachers in Head Start classrooms are WCOP employees.

The daily schedule of activities varies from classroom to classroom. After the traditional Head Start morning program, the children have nap or quiet time, followed by a snack. Late afternoon's involve some group activities (usually circle time) and free play.