Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Collaborative Arrangements


The collaborative arrangement that allows this program to operate takes the form of a memorandum of understanding between the Denison Job Corps Center and WCDC. It was signed by both parties in September of 1993, authorizing the operation of a Head Start program to be called "Beyond Dreams." Job Corps, as part of the understanding, will:

  • Provide the facilities and furnishings for Head Start's classroom of 13 children;
  • Renovate the space for Head Start's classroom of 17 children;
  • Provide all maintenance and upkeep of the facility, indoors and outdoors;
  • Provide utilities and phone service;
  • Provide all food in meals and snacks in compliance with USDA standards;
  • Supply transportation for field trips;
  • Provide for clerical support through the Job Corps' Work Experience Program;
  • Provide for medical and dental examinations for all children of Job Corps enrollees, in compliance with Head Start requirements;
  • Provide ongoing parenting skills classes for all parents;
  • Coordinate Job Corps Students' schedules to allow them to participate as volunteers in Head Start classrooms;
  • Provide Work Experience students from the Certified Nursing Assistants, Homemaker Home Health Aide, and Culinary Arts programs;
  • Provide all parents with access to a literacy program;
  • Provide orientation for the Job Corps program to all Head Start staff;
  • Employ a child care administrator credentialed to operate a licensed child care facility to serve as operational manager; and
  • Provide center operating procedures.

WCDC agrees to:

  • Provide priority enrollment of Job Corps enrollees' children into Head Start;
  • Provide classroom staff to operate the Head Start program for 30 children, 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year;
  • Renovate, furnish, and equip the classroom for 17 children;
  • Provide all supplies;
  • Administer and provide all Head Start mandated services;
  • Provide liability coverage;
  • Provide access for Job Corps parents to the Parent Policy Council; and
  • Provide CDA training to at least 10 Job Corps parents.

The Job Corps director is strongly behind this cooperative arrangement, and would like to see Head Start take over the entire child care operation as soon as possible. The director feels comfortable about calling the Head Start director about any issue and appreciates not having to worry over this aspect of the program for solo parents. In terms of daily operation, Head Start's sector supervisor has an office next door to Job Corps' child care administrator, and they coordinate in solving problems of day-to-day operations.

Head Start staff believe that they have been given a facility that is truly "beyond dreams." Not only is it newly renovated, but Job Corps went far beyond "the call of duty" to supply a high quality space for children. For example, there is an indoor play area furnished like an outdoor play ground, with many tricycles and other small vehicles. The kitchen has stainless steel tables, extensive storage space, and an enviable stove. All in all, a considerable gift.