Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Chapter III: Planning and Policy Issues


In this chapter, planning and policy choices for Federal Head Start administrators are organized into three groups, according to the principal themes discussed by grantee staff who deliver full-day services:

  • Making Head Start services as responsive as possible to the needs of families;
  • Delivering the highest possible quality of services to children and families and extending this quality to the work lives of staff; and
  • Supporting flexibility in policies so that staff can respond to the circumstances of their own communities.

Each of these themes recurs frequently in discussions of the philosophy and implementation of Head Start, whether written in the Head Start Performance Standards or spoken in meetings or conferences. It is the purpose of this chapter to tie these themes to particular issues and actions within the offering of full-day Head Start services.

Following a discussion of these themes is a description of further research activities that can enhance our understanding of full-day Head Start services.