Options for Full-Day Services for Children Participating in Head Start . Alachua County School Board




The Alachua County School Board contracts with a central child care agency to ensure provision of a full-day center-based program for 200 children and a full-day program in family child care homes for 40 children. All programs meet Head Start Performance Standards throughout the day. Alachua County combines state preschool funding of $3600 per child with about $3600 of Head Start funds for this Head Start-level program. The full-day program operates for 180 days, and the School Board also operates 20-day summer programs to assist children in their transition to kindergarten.

  • Auspices: School system
  • Area served: Mixed urban and rural
  • Head Start funded enrollment: 890
  • Head Start full-day enrollment: 240
  • Full-day care providers: Contracted centers and family child care homes
  • Non-Head Start funding sources: Florida Department of Education