Opportunities under the Affordable Care Act for Human Services Programs to Modernize Eligibility Systems and Expedite Eligibility Determination. Introduction


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act or ACA) was one of the most significant pieces of domestic legislation enacted since the 1960s. It has many repercussions, including for human services programs. This paper focuses on two potential gains that such programs can realize from this legislation:

  • Modernizing the information technology (IT) systems human services programs use for eligibility purposes by accessing more generous federal funding than has been available in the past—and that will only be available through the end of calendar year 2015; and
  • Lowering the cost and expanding the reach of human services programs’ own eligibility determination and verification procedures by leveraging the data that health programs will obtain about numerous applicants for and beneficiaries of insurance affordability programs.

In each of these two areas, we briefly inventory the potential benefits that human services programs could obtain and outline possible options for moving forward.

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