Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI): Using Research to Guide the Development of an Evolving Statewide Initiative. Disseminating Information About Marriage to the General Public


OMI leadership considers research to be useful not just for informing development, assessing progress, and understanding impacts, but also for educating the public about relationships and marriage. The RAG has engaged in developing practical information about marriage and divorce derived, in part, from its statewide baseline survey, for distribution to Oklahoma families. This effort resulted in a series of information sheets that distills research into consumer-friendly questions and answers, addressing common questions about couple relationships.

Each single-page tip sheet focuses on a topic of interest to couples who are considering marriage or are already married, often pointing out or debunking common misconceptions about marriage and divorce. Examples of topics include: how cohabitation correlates to later success in marriage; marriage and age; how divorce affects children; what a healthy marriage is; the value of premarital education; how to decide whether you and your partner are ready for marriage; identifying an unhealthy relationship; and how having a child changes marriage. These tip sheets are released at regular intervals and posted on the OMI website (www.okmarriage.org). OMI managers expect that the information in these documents could be used by individuals, and in a variety of settings and with different audiences, such as in churches, newspapers or newsletters, and public addresses. Workshop leaders also may use these products as supplemental handouts for participants.

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