Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI): Starting Early: How the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Helps Schools Prepare Young People for Healthy Marriages. Teacher Response


The response by teachers has been largely positive. By 2007, more than 362 teachers  nearly every FACS teacher in the state  had received training in the curriculum. One good indicator of teacher support for the curriculum is the fact that Connections+PREP® has been offered in 90 percent of Oklahoma high schools with a FACS program (289 high schools.) While FACS teachers have the flexibility to incorporate all or only part of the Connections+PREP® curricula in their course offerings, it appears that many teachers use the entire Relationships and Marriage curriculum within the Marriage and Family Life course offered to juniors and seniors. Adoption of the Dating and Emotions curriculum, which was more recently developed, is increasing.

Teachers who chose to include Connections+PREP® in their FACS classes cited several key advantages of the curriculum. (1) They found the new curriculum material to be a good match with the existing course objectives and relevant for their students. They also liked the extent of hands-on activities and interactive elements in the curriculum. (2) Teachers felt that the new curriculum brought together all the necessary information in a coherent, organized, and easy-to-use format. (3) The Connections+PREP® curriculum had credibility for the teachers because it had been developed by experts and endorsed by both CareerTech and the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative. (4) The materials and training were provided free of charge-an important benefit given constraints on educational system resources.

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