Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI): Starting Early: How the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Helps Schools Prepare Young People for Healthy Marriages. The Pilot and Roll-Out


Implementation of the Connections+PREP® curriculum began with a pilot in 2002. The curriculum developers trained 24 teachers, selected on the basis of geographic distribution and experience within the FACS system. They were enthusiastic about the material and thought it was highly engaging for their students. Following the pilot, the OMI made the curriculum available free of charge to any interested FACS teacher, through the annual statewide teachers conference, at which a simple one-to two-hour overview was provided to introduce teachers to the material. In the past two years, at the request of FACS teachers, the OMI has sponsored annual training on the curriculum, lasting from one to two days. The expanded training has been well received because it gives teachers an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the key points and concepts.

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