Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI): Starting Early: How the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Helps Schools Prepare Young People for Healthy Marriages. Connections: Relationships and Marriage


The Relationships and Marriage curriculum is intended to help older adolescents and young adults learn what it means to form and sustain a healthy relationship, marriage, and family life. It is designed to increase teens self-understanding by helping them explore personality, the effect of family experiences on their expectations for marriage and relationships, and life goals. It takes a skills-based approach to help youth improve communication, using the PREP®-based speaker-listener technique, problem solving and conflict resolution strategies, and recognition of relationship danger signs. It includes information on dating relationships, but also explores the concepts of love, commitment and forgiveness, and includes material to help young people think about the implications of cohabitation and marriage. The first three lessons focus on personality, with the following four on relationships. The remaining 11 lessons are centered around communication and marriage.

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