Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI): A Process Evaluation. Extent of Service Implementation


As its main strategy in promoting social change, the OMI set out to build the capacity of service providers throughout the state to deliver workshops supporting marriage.  The initiative has worked to achieve this objective largely through a system of volunteers  both institutional and individual  from different sectors of society.  It was breaking new ground inasmuch as there was no prior experience to suggest how to recruit or use such volunteers.  As described in Chapters III and IV, the effort to create this volunteer resource has been a massive undertaking. 

In this chapter, we use administrative data to examine the extent to which OMI services have been implemented.  The picture that emerges from these data is still changing; the initiative is an ongoing effort and its capacity is still being built.  We assess here the amount, breadth, and intensity of services provided from the inception of the initiative through the end of 2007.   By examining these data, we can gain insight into such questions as: 

  • How many individuals have been trained as workshop leaders; and how many workshops have they led? 
  • How often do volunteers fulfill their commitment to offer free services? 
  • Which institutional sectors have been most active and involved?
  • What populations are community volunteers serving most? 
  • What proportion of the states population has participated in an OMI workshop?
  • To what extent has the number of workshops increased as the OMI gains experience? 
  • What has so far been the geographic reach of workshops within the state? 

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