Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI): A Process Evaluation. Development and Evolution of a Broad Initiative


The OMI began with high-level leadership commitment and a bold public goal, although there was little precedent to guide its development.  It then set out to define its philosophy for creating broad social change, design for an intervention strategy, and gain support for its goals and the activities in order to implement its strategy for change throughout the state.  This chapter describes how the OMI was first developed and how it evolved over the first seven years of its existence.  It focuses especially on the initial three years of the initiative (1999-2001), describing what motivated its creation, how public support and interest developed, and how its intervention strategy was selected and initially implemented.  It then introduces how the strategies and operations have evolved, from 2002 to 2007, focusing on the role of curriculum adaptations and research, and concludes with a model of the current OMI showing how the initiative was operating at the time of this study in 2007.  Later chapters detail the successes and challenges encountered in implementing the OMI model.

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