Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI): A Process Evaluation. Building Statewide Capacity to Deliver Marriage and Relationship Skills Education


  • Training and supporting public and private providers.  To build and sustain the states capacity to deliver services and reach people from all walks of life, the OMI continues to focus on training staff at institutions and agencies, both public and private, as well as individual volunteers who wish to serve their local communities.  Engaging institutions and agencies is seen as an effective way to gain support for the initiative, increases the likelihood of sustainable implementation, and provides access to low-income clients, who otherwise may be difficult to reach.  Engaging individuals from local communities in service delivery may broaden the OMIs reach to include people without affiliations to specific institutions or agencies.  These individuals may learn about the OMI through their friends, neighbors, clergy, or other informal means.
  • Supporting development of workshop adaptation.  Since the OMI has a diverse audience, it has adapted its materials to suit their needs.  As discussed earlier, many of these adaptations are made by workshop leaders, but some are more formal, such as the Within My Reach curriculum. 
  • Developing a framework for sustained statewide service delivery.  The OMI has learned that simply training volunteers does not translate into year-round sustained capacity.  There may be gaps of service coverage in certain areas, for certain groups, or at certain times.  To address this issue, the OMI puts special effort into building up, supporting, and sustaining the ongoing delivery of workshops in specific geographic areas and among certain groups, such as Latinos, Native Americans, and African Americans.

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