NORC Final Report: Healthy People User Study. Future Research


Given the important timing of this study in terms of the release of Healthy People 2020, several follow-up studies and dissemination activities should be considered.

  1. Targeted assessment of prior outreach efforts. Following the 2005 User Assessment, HHS engaged in outreach activities to encourage broader involvement with the Healthy People initiative. Targeted assessment of those outreach efforts using qualitative data collection such as discussions with regional health administrators and participating organizations would help determine how well those efforts were experienced by the key stakeholders. Such information could be useful for planning outreach activities in support of Healthy People 2020.
  2. Repeat the User Study early in the next decade. Planning for Healthy People 2020 has utilized a more inclusive approach than past iterations. Users may be more aware of the process and engaged in the final product. Further, the development activities emphasize the importance of implementation activities to motivating the nation. Repeating the User Study early in the decade will provide valuable insight into how the new initiative is perceived by key stakeholders and assess whether newly developed implementation tools are reaching end users. By conducting it early in the decade, a new User Study will facilitate refinement of the implementation activities. Lessons learned regarding the methodology and scope of the 2008 User Study can be found in Appendix 2.
  3. Dissemination of the findings from the 2008 User Study. The results of the 2008 User Study indicate broad support for Healthy People among key target audiences, and continued growth in terms of the breadth and depth of how Healthy People is used. HHS should celebrate the success of this important initiative. Further, the opinions and suggestions for the format and scope of Healthy People 2020 parallel many ideas being put into process by HHS. While the 2008 User Study was not developed to assess stakeholders’ views on decisions for Healthy People 2020, the results indicate that Healthy People 2020 will be improved in ways important to key stakeholders. This finding should be explored for further dissemination as another avenue for engaging stakeholders and emphasizing their importance to the Healthy People initiative and its development.

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