NORC Final Report: Healthy People User Study. Follow up Discussions


Following the data collection and analysis period, NORC lead 10 informal discussions with users and non-users of Healthy People 2010, from each of the sample types. These discussions provided an opportunity to gather more in-depth information on issues and themes that emerged during data analysis. The discussions resulted in the collection of qualitative data that provides specific examples supporting many of the study’s conclusions.

To choose respondents for follow-up discussions, NORC carefully reviewed survey responses and selected a set of respondents whose uses, perceptions, and anticipated uses of Healthy People varied. Selected respondents were then sent an email providing information describing the purpose of the follow-up discussions. These emails were followed by calls to answer any additional questions and to schedule the discussion.

The follow-up discussions were designed to be open-ended, each flowing differently depending on each respondent’s experiences and insights. An informal discussion guide was used to ensure the appropriate broad information was gathered in response to the issues and themes identified during data analysis. The informal discussion guide includes specific sections for Healthy People 2010 users and Healthy People 2010 non-users. A supplemental section was also developed specifically for MTAHB, to gather information on this new respondent type and how they interact with tribal health organizations. Finally, the informal discussion guide included a section on Healthy People 2020 to capture information on participation with the development of Healthy People 2020, as well as perceptions on how the initiative could be improved. The information discussion guide is included in Appendix 3.

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