Non-Elderly Disabled Category 2 Housing Choice Voucher Program: An Implementation and Impact Analysis. A. Methodology


Although 28 PHAs were awarded NED2 vouchers, for the purpose of this analysis we focused on the 13 that received at least 35 vouchers each, since those receiving fewer had less experience by which to judge their success in implementation. The 13 PHAs in eight states that met this threshold are listed in Table II.1.10 Collectively, they received 731 vouchers--77 percent of all vouchers awarded nationwide.

TABLE II.1. PHAs and HHS/MFP Partners Included in Process Evaluation, by State
(PHAs awarded 35 or more vouchers)
State PHA HHS/MFP Partner   Number of Awarded  
NED2 Vouchers
California Orange County Housing Authority Dale McIntosh Center 50
City of Pasadena Community Development Commission   Alternative Home Care 40
Georgia City of Decatur Georgia Department of Medical Assistance 35
Maryland Baltimore County Housing Office The Coordinating Center 50
Housing Authority of Baltimore City The Coordinating Center 40
Massachusettsa   Lynn Housing Authority Massachusetts Executive Office of Health & Human Services 35
New Jerseyb New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Division of Disability Services 100
Ohio Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services 100
Lucas, Ohio Metropolitan Housing Authority Lucas County Department of Jobs & Family Services 60
Texas Austin Housing Authority Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services; Austin Resource Center for Independent Living 36
Washington Housing Authority of the City of Tacoma Washington State Department of Social & Health Services 100
Housing Authority of Snohomish County Washington State Department of Social & Health Services 50
City of Longview Housing Authority Washington State Department of Social & Health Services 35
Total NED2 Vouchers Awarded 731
  1. Although the Lynn Housing Authority in Massachusetts initially limited immediate use of vouchers to the Lynn area, by the end of the evaluation period, immediate use of vouchers was permitted statewide.
  2. New Jersey operates a single statewide housing agency consisting of regional and local field offices. Vouchers awarded to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs can be used anywhere within the state.

This process analysis drew from two sources of data. The first was voucher distribution data received from TAC, which, through a subcontract with New Editions, contacted each of the 28 PHAs that received NED2 vouchers. TAC determined all PHAs' progress through informal quarterly phone and email contacts (in June 2011, September 2011, and December 2011), obtaining information from PHA staff that included current numbers of NED2 voucher referrals, applications, vouchers issued (including those still searching for housing), and vouchers leased.11

Second, Mathematica held phone discussions with staff at the PHAs and state or local HHS/MFP programs,12 using a semi-structured discussion guide, developed with input from TAC, New Editions, CMS, and HUD, that covered the following topics:

  • History of collaboration and communication between each PHA and HHS/MFP staff prior to the NED2 program.

  • Role of the HHS/MFP staff in preparing the PHA's NED2 application to HUD.

  • Training and education of relevant staff following the award.

  • Program outreach and participant recruitment procedures.

  • How PHA and HHS/MFP frontline staff coordinated the process of making referrals and submitted voucher applications for NED2-eligible groups.

  • Level and type of assistance provided to applicants during the application process.

  • Level and type of assistance provided to voucher recipients during the housing search.

  • Responsibility for tracking referrals and issued vouchers.

  • Extent to which existing PHA policies afforded special accommodation to people with disabilities--such as making vouchers immediately portable across the state--or were amended during the NED2 program.

  • Level and frequency of communication and coordination among program staff throughout the program.

These discussions occurred between July and September 2012 with representatives from ten of the 13 selected PHA sites and members of all eight state or local HHS/MFP teams, including project directors, statewide housing specialists or coordinators, and transition coordinators.13 In each state, discussions with representatives from PHAs took place separately from discussions with HHS/MFP program staff.

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