Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) Workforce Study: Final Report. D. Desired Outcomes


For each architecture of each separate NHIN implementation activity for each organization size and type, the goal was to develop estimated ranges for the following parameters (minimum, expected, maximum):

  • Calendar time that an individual unit implementation (e.g., individual physician EHR installation) would take;
  • Specific types of professionals needed for the implementation; and
  • Time needed from each type of professional.

The overall workforce estimate could then be obtained by specifying: 1) the total calendar time available for all implementations; 2) how many implementations would be needed for each activity comprising development of the entire NHIN; and 3) the fraction of implementations that would use each available architecture for each activity for each organization size and type. The overall workforce would then be the sum of the estimated workforce needs for each activity, organization type and architecture.

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