Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) Workforce Study: Final Report. B. Expert Panels


1.   Selection Process

An extensive list of individuals with expertise in electronic records and health information infrastructure was developed. Particular attention was given to including people with specific expertise in workforce issues. After meeting dates were selected, invitations were sent and potential experts were matched with available dates if possible. Efforts were made to ensure a balance of expertise for every panel, but the composition of each was primarily dependent on the availability of participants.

2.    Issues

The first two expert panels were asked to provide workforce estimates during the session. In addition, the questions posed to all four expert panels included the following:

  • Are the study assumptions correct and complete? If not, how should they be modified?
  • Are the limitations correct and complete? If not, how should they be modified?
  • What are the important specific architectures for each type of infrastructure that need to be estimated?
  • What are the important specific organization sizes and types that should be considered separately in generating workforce estimates?
  • Are the three outcomes listed as necessary for each component of the estimate correct and complete? If not, how should they be modified?
  • How long (calendar time) would implementations of each activity and architecture type require?
  • What is the best feasible method to obtain reasonable estimated values of the key parameters for each architecture and for each infrastructure creation activity?

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