National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts: Site Visits Report . Results


The following section describes the available documentation on the results of the reform efforts. Some outcome data, as well as statistics derived from two consumer satisfaction surveys, are available.

Domestic Violence Policy and Practice

The agency was in the process of developing outcomes for the domestic violence protocol that will eventually become part of a system for tracking agency performance. It is the agency’s hope that this will be accomplished sometime during 2003. Some workers stated that the protocols strengthened relationships between CPS and treatment workers due to the collaborative development of the protocols.

Family Conferencing

The half-time position of the family group conferencing coordinator was created to manage family conferencing. Beginning during 2002, cases that used family conferencing were tracked for resubstantiation of substance abuse, new CPS reports, and entry of children into DSS foster care. Eighteen families and 25 children were followed for 9 months. Of this group, 92 percent of the children remained out of DSS foster homes and 33 percent of the cases were closed since the time of the original family conference.

A satisfaction survey was administered at the conclusion of the Action Meetings and Family Group Decisionmaking. Questions were asked regarding satisfaction with the meeting process, family involvement in the process, and the decisionmaking. More than ninety percent of families (92%) and service providers (95%) were satisfied with the Community Action meetings. A similar proportion of families (92%) and slightly fewer service providers (86%) were satisfied with Family Group Decisionmaking. The overall satisfaction percentages were:

Overall satisfaction percentages
Community Action meetings: Family 92.3% satisfied
Service Providers 94.5% satisfied
Family Group Decisionmaking: Family 92.1% satisfied
Service Providers 86.3% satisfied

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