National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts: Site Visits Report . Organization of the CPS Agency


CFS is administered by a director, deputy director, and a team of four program managers, one at each site. A supervisor is in charge of licensing and adoptions. This group meets on a weekly basis to share information and make decisions regarding the daily operation and programmatic activities of the department.

Ventura County CFS is divided into four regions, each with more than one unit of social workers — Oxnard, Ventura, Casa Pacifica, and East County. Each of the regional offices maintains a CPS unit and is overseen by one of the four program managers. A supervisor oversees the adoption and licensing unit of CPS from the Ventura office. Exhibit 9.2, Organizational Chart, graphically depicts the organizational structure of CFS. The Dependency Drug Court and the Staff Development and Training supervisor have also been operated out of the Ventura office.

Exhibit 9.2
Organizational Chart

Exhibit 9.2 Organizational Chart.

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