National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts: Site Visits Report . Conditions that Sustain Reform


Conditions identified as those that help to sustain the reforms were as follows:

Better Pay

According to the director, program managers, and line staff of Children and Family Services, employee retention will continue with the ongoing provision of better wages compared to other CPS agencies within California.

Training And Job Opportunities

The director, program managers, and workers also felt that ongoing training and support — through flexible work schedules, opportunities for advancement, monthly performance reviews, and job coaching as needed — will complement reform efforts.

Employee training currently includes a comprehensive program for both new and existing staff. New employees receive a 3-day introduction to the county, followed by 2 weeks of training with a specially selected caseload, and 6 months of intensive on-the-job CPS training. New employees continue to receive modified caseloads and have access to alternate work schedules, in addition to reviews by supervisors and mentoring by more experienced coworkers. All county employees are encouraged to further their education and knowledge base by enrolling in various staff development, leadership, and computer classes, such as those offered by Interface. Program managers have also been able to utilize data acquired from the CWS/CMS system to monitor worker performance and to provide assistance and additional training to staff with skills that might need to be enhanced or updated. Once hired, all social workers attend the California Academy of Social Work courses in addition to mandated core courses in leadership and customer service.

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