National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts: Site Visits Report . Conditions that Sustain Reform


The department has been participating in several collaborative activities for the purpose of sustaining reform efforts.

Family and Children's Collaborative

The Family and Children's Collaborative has set many ambitious goals for collaboration between State, county, and community agencies. The collaborative has been exploring the development of a cabinet to consider case management issues and maintain a common vision among stakeholders. Objectives include activities to deal with such community concerns as short-term planning for truancy and curfew problems.

CPS Citizens' Review Panel

The Citizens' Review Panel began meeting to review CPS issues. The judges took leadership of this process. The panel includes representatives from CPS, law enforcement, the District Attorney, County Counsel, schools, and hospitals. On October 1, 2002, the panel began reviewing sample cases and fatalities to understand the CPS process.


The county attributes implementation of a core curriculum for the training of all new workers and retraining of all current workers as a support for the new reform efforts. All line staff, including supervisors, must have a bachelor's degree. The director and supervisors considered the core training as the major change during the past 2 years. A 6-month curriculum has enabled workers to use common terminology. This has resulted in more case reviews, heightened accountability, and better decisionmaking.

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