National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts: Site Visits Report . Background of Reform Efforts


The initiatives described below were implemented within a relatively narrow window of time (2-6 months). This level of change within such a short timeframe created the potential for strain on both management and line staff. Management reported that the stresses associated with these changes were mitigated through strategies that included the appointment of a deputy director; the institution of a management team; and the use of structured, routine communication, and meeting protocols. The attitude of all management staff interviewed regarding the reforms and how the implementation was handled seemed quite positive.

In addition, California recently implemented its Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS), called CWS/CMS. The implementation of CWS/CMS required adaptation to the County's needs and training of CPS workers on its proper use. Management reported that the transition was completed and the system's utilization was relatively stable. This allows for the preparation of monthly performance reports and the engagement of County Information Technology staff in providing other types of staff and client information for management purposes.

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