National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts. Review of State CPS Policy. Notifications


Forty-two States (82.4%) had a written policy on whom or what entities should be notified of screening decisions. (See table 3-H.) The most frequently notified group was law enforcement.

  • Twenty-six States (51.0%) indicated that law enforcement or relevant court personnel be notified. Of those, seven States (13.7%) restricted notification to serious cases of physical or sexual abuse or when removal might be necessary, and one (2%) State defined cases reported by local protocols;
  • Twenty States (37.2%) had notification requirements that fell into the "other" category. These were highly varied and specific to certain circumstances related to type of abuse and perpetrator;
  • Fourteen States (27.5%) indicated that reporters be notified, when cases are screened in;
  • Seven States (13.7%) required parents to be notified; and
  • Six States (11.8%) required alleged perpetrators to be notified.

The above categories were not mutually exclusive.

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