National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts. Review of State CPS Policy. Contacts and Timeframe Requirements


Policy also specified who must be contacted during an investigation. (See table 4-J.) Six main categories of contact requirements were identified. (Responses were not mutually exclusive.)

  • Forty-four States (86.3%) explicitly required contact with the family, including parents, siblings, and other persons living in the home;
  • Forty-two (82.4%) specifically required contact with the child;
  • Twenty-seven States (52.9%) specifically required contact with collaterals; and
  • Twenty-seven States (52.9%) expressly required contact with the perpetrator.

The COA and the CWLA suggest that investigations should be completed within 30 days. (See table 4-K.)5

  • Four States (7.8%) required the investigation to be completed within 2 weeks;
  • Twenty States (39.2%) specified within a 2-4 week timeframe;
  • Twenty-three States (45.1%) allowed some or all investigations to be completed within more than 4 weeks; and
  • Five States (9.8%) did not specify timeframes for completion.

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