National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts. Findings on Local CPS Practices. 6.4 Changes to Screening/Intake


Among the relatively small number of agencies that implemented changes to the screening/intake function, most added assessments or made changes in the way that referrals were processed. Seventeen percent of agencies had implemented changes in the use of assessments or other tools during the screening process during the preceding 6 months (Table 6-6). Nine percent of agencies had considered such changes. Seven percent of agencies had implemented changes in the processing of referrals and 9 percent had considered change in this area. Examples of such changes included personnel changes among CPS workers or how referrals to other agencies were handled. While 6 percent of CPS agencies had made changes in their response options in the prior 6 months, 12 percent were considering making changes. All of the other changes related to the screening function had been implemented by 5 percent or fewer of agencies.

Table 6-6:
Changes in Screening and intake
Change Considered change Implemented change
Percent Estimate
Use of assessments or other tools 230
9% 440
Processing of referrals 230
9% 170
Response options 310
12% 150
Amount of interaction with reporter and collaterals during screening 180
7% 140
Programs/services available for screened-out referrals 150
6% 140
Criteria for screening out referrals 110
4% 90
Amount of interaction with family and/or child during screening 180
7% 50
* Percentages are not additive because agencies were included in each applicable row (category).
Note: Numbers in italics are based on 10 or fewer agencies.
Note: Percentages are based on weighted total of 2,610 agencies.