National Study of Child Protective Services Systems and Reform Efforts. Findings on Local CPS Practices. 1.3 Organization of Report


This report is organized into a series of chapters that discuss the analytical findings from the LAS. Chapter 2 describes the survey findings related to the structure and organization of CPS agencies. It presents information in terms of both estimates of CPS agencies with the various characteristics and of the population of children served by CPS agencies. Chapter 3 examines local agency practices and procedures for receiving and screening child maltreatment referrals and provides details on the screening/intake function with sections on the receipt of referrals, the processing of referrals, and the role of the State hotline. In Chapter 4, the findings related to both the investigation response and the alternative response are provided in terms of the types of responses, the response features and activities, the roles of workers and supervisors, and the difficulties encountered in conducting the response. Chapter 5 discusses findings related to the role of law enforcement. Chapter 6 describes the degree and types of change within CPS agencies. Chapter 7 presents the examples of change based on site visits to local agencies, and Chapter 8 provides discusses difference among agencies by administrative structure. Chapter 9 provides a summary conclusion.

Appendix A provides detail on methodology.