A National Study of Assisted Living for the Frail Elderly: Final Summary Report. Source of Listings of Candidate ALFs


The next task, which was completed in September 1997, was to create a comprehensive list of candidate ALFs in each of the 60 FSUs. This involved the collection of multiple lists of places that described themselves as ALFs and other places that appeared to meet the study’s eligibility criteria. For each FSU, project staff obtained data from the following:

  • ALFA’s 1997 list of members.

  • AHCA’s National Center on Assisted Living 1997 list of assisted living members.

  • AAHSA’s 1997 list of assisted living members.

  • The 1997 HCIA Directory of Retirement Facilities (DRF, 1997).

  • State licensure agency lists for 1997 for all types of residential care facilities that had 11 or more beds.

  • Listings and advertisements of assisted living, residential care, and retirement facilities from telephone book “yellow” pages.

  • State directories of local ALFA members, in those states in which the state affiliate of ALFA had one.

  • Local retirement directories and Internet listings of facilities.4

Among the 18,298 places on the combined list of candidates:

  • 7,578 (41%) were ineligible because of size

Among the remaining 10,720 candidates:

  • 70% appeared on only one source listing
  • 19% appeared on two source listings
  • 11% appeared on three or more source listings
  • Small facilities were more likely to appear on only one source list (e.g., 86% of the small facilities were on only one list), while about half of the larger facilities appeared in two or more source listings
  • 46% of the candidates appeared on the state licensure lists

After collecting these multiple lists, project staff spent considerable effort making sure they were in one of the 60 FSUs5 and creating an unduplicated list.6

From all these sources, for the 60 FSUs, an unduplicated total of 18,298 candidate facilities were listed. Project staff then eliminated known ineligibles based on size. Project staff found that among the 18,298 candidates 7,578 places (41 percent) were ineligible because they had 10 or fewer beds. The degree to which such small facilities might otherwise have met study criteria (e.g., be a self-described ALF or provide the required services) is unknown.

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